Fruit kabobs -A healthy DIYK (do it yourself, kid!) snack! (vegan, paleo, AIP, whole, organic)

Happy Fiesta Friday! I’ve got a fun and easy summer treat that young kids (and you!) will love to make!

Fruit kabobs are super easy to make, require no actual cooking, and the result is beautiful, colorful and fun! They are also a fun way for little kiddos to get involved in healthy food! They are easy for young children to make and also focuses on the development of toddler and preschooler fine motor skills as it takes a bit of dexterity to place small pieces of fruit on the skewer. Fruit kabobs are something that Miss L has been making since she was about 2. Over time, I’ve been able to step back and help a little less. Of course at 2, I was helping a lot and watching those sharp skewer edges! Now, I just prep the fruit (cutting and washing) and let Miss L go to town. It’s a fun way to get her engaged in her own healthy eating. And the education goes beyond nutrition. As she’s gotten older, in addition to the fine motor skills, we’ve also worked on patterning and math when portioning out and placing the fruit.

Traditionally, we’ve always done this with honey and yogurt dipping sauces, but lately we’ve been doing a coconut cream instead…well, because, we are a dairy-light household; I am dairy-free, my husband has actually recently gone dairy-free, and Miss L is dairy light (some probiotic yogurt and whole cheese snacks but no dairy milk).




The combinations are absolutely endless and we’ve made these kabobs with every type of fruit you can imagine. What we did this morning is a berry kabob using gorgeous organic berries I just bought yesterday: raspberries, blueberries, and cherries. Super simple and super gorgeous.

The dipping sauce is a vanilla coconut cream. Use firm coconut cream (the top portion of a chilled BPA-free can of coconut cream) mixed with a touch of vanilla and honey (use maple syrup for a vegan option).

The result is light, summery, and flavorful.