Amaranth Coconut Cookie Ice Cream Sandwhich (paleo, vegan, organic)

Okay, so I have been wanting to make a “chipwhich” for a long time and had been chewing on ideas for how to go about it. Yesterday I finally got around to giving it a go! This process is probably the most involved I’ll ever get in a recipe with a few different steps and some patience required! And yet it’s still actually very easy. I will update this post shortly with the specific recipe details.

So first, I made amaranth coconut flour cookies. They were crunchy, earthy cookies just as I was going for. The amaranth makes this Paleo-light. It’s technically a seed but called a pseudo-grain for its composition. I can see why. I wrote about this when I made an amaranth apple cake a while back, but I had forgotten! Amaranth absolutely makes me feel like I’ve eaten wheat. I get sleepy and brain-foggy. Not fun! So while this came out great and the fam loved it for me it wasn’t love. I just have to remember that I absolutely cannot eat amaranth! I will try to do another cookie without it.

Ice Cream Center
The ice cream layer is simply frozen bananas pulsed. That’s it.

Chocolate Chip Coating
Then…I made my own chocolate chips! I know everyone is loving that new brand of organic dairy-free chocolate chips out there but they are made with cane sugar which I’m not a fan of. So this weekend Miss L and I made our own chocolate chips. It really was so easy, they taste awesome, and I know exactly what’s in them (& what isn’t!).

The cookie recipe and choc chip recipes are forthcoming!