What proof? The Autoimmune Protocol


bacteriophage 2 Bacteriophage

Bacteriophage therapy was discovered 11 years before antibiotics, in 1917.

After World War II, everyone (except a few entrenched Soviets) abandoned bacteriophage & focused exclusively on antibiotics until most hospitals on the planet were colonized with antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

In case you’re not following #superbug, the gist is that “the World Health Organization has warned of an emerging global health security threat, painting a post-apocalyptic image of a world sent back to the pre-antibiotic era, where a routine cut or infection could be deadly”, according to Kelly Crowe, medical sciences correspondent for the CBC.

Some people who have contracted superbugs in hospitals are travelling to Russia where (thanks to those recalcitrant Soviets), bacteriophage therapy is still available.

And it’s worked.phagestructure

At least anecdotally.

Turns out virtually all bacteria are vulnerable to infections by one or more viral bacteriophages. It’s just a matter of finding the right match.

Plus they’re cute…

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