Paleo, Vegan Chocolate Chips (dairy-free, refined sugar-free)

So I finally set out to make my own chocolate chips. And omg, was it easy!
Before this lifestyle change, I never baked (besides box cake) so the fact that I can make my own chocolate chips, AND put my own clean ingredients in, AND it’s this easy. Mind is blown.

So you’re going to melt down a bar of organic 100% cacao, add in some local raw honey or organic maple syrup (for 100% vegan) and splash of organic vanilla. If you want a less dark chip, add some coconut milk or almond milk. Use a round piping tip to pipe out tear drops of the ganache onto parchment paper. Let is set in the fridge over night. That’s it! Miss L had a blast melting, mixing and piping and couldn’t believe we actually had real chocolate chips the next day!

Now make some grain-free paleo chocolate chip cookies! πŸ™‚