Happy 4th! (AIP, Paleo, Vegan & Katy Perry fun!)

“Mom, how old is the country today?”


“WOW! Is that as old as you?”

Thanks, Miss L. Nothing like preschooler honesty to put you in your place.


Well, happy 4th yall. It’s Independence Day in the US today. And Happy Fiesta Friday! How cool that both landed together. And I must thank Angie for featuring my Paleo, Vegan Chocolate Chips this week! What an honor!!!

Well, like my friend Angie, I too did not plot and plan my posts with marketing ingenuity. I am actually writing this post from Miami where we came down to spend time with friends and family…and take some very lucky 5 year olds to see Katy Perry last night! It was totally a plot for the kids but I have to admit, I think we adults had a blast too! My dear friend got us killer seats right on the floor and we all – adults and kids – had an amazing time!

So we are now en route from our swanky Miami hotel to our family in Fort Lauderdale. Later today we will BBQ with family.

So I don’t have anything planned, even though I had planned to make a red, white and blue version of my icebox pie. It didn’t happen. But doesn’t mean you can’t! If you’re looking for a fun, festive and healthy dessert – go for it. Or make a red, white and blue parfait.

Despite my transience today, I must leave you with something red, white and blue! Looking through my photos of foods not yet posted, I came across a delicious AIP-friendly breakfast Miss L and I had last week. Seriously, it is delicious and will satisfy your cereal craving with the milk-laden crunchiness.

These are fresh organic berries with organic coconut chips in coconut milk. Satisfying, sweet, crunchy, a power start for the day. Vegan, Paleo, AIP, whole, organic patriotic goodness!


And how could I not also share some Katy Perry concert pics? Baby, you are all fireworks!

P.S. Katy Perry is also gluten-free and gave us all a shout-out! Thanks, KP! 😉