Popsicles! (AIP, Paleo, Vegan, Organic)

Summer, I’ve learned, is tricky.  Summer is a lot of get togethers, ice cream, frozen cocktails, and the like. I’ve spent much of the last few months writing about how I wasn’t going to let holiday or tradition get in the way of my nutritional lifestyle changes. Well, it turns out, summer is hard! I love summer. It’s my favorite time of year and I think if I go back to some of my happiest moments in life, they’ve usually occurred in summer. So, I’ve been in a bit of a grey area this last month.  A little amazing frozen custard here, some arroz con gandules there.  No gluten though and no super-duper sugary confections. But the dairy became a bit of a grey area this last month. Oh and the drinks. Oh, those drinks! And the going out meaning I’m not making my own version of that cocktail. Yeah, so that’s why another AIP detox was needed. To be clear, it’s been a little dabble here and there, not total abandonment of my philosophies, but I’m generally an “all or nothing” kinda girl so even a month of “dabbles” feel like too much. I need a reboot for sure. And here I am on AIP Detox Day 3.

So in  the spirit of summer, and now being home for a stretch for with no trip, holiday, or big event coming up, Miss L and I made some yummy popsicles today. This weekend DetoxDaddy bought us a cool present – the Zoku Quick Pop-Maker. He actually scored it at HomeGoods for a great price. I was skeptical but if you follow the instructions correctly you really can make instant popsicles in a few minutes.  The downside? I will admit, the “DO NOTs” are quite excessive – but apparently necessary; it’s an ornery little contraption. I think my readers know by now that I’m not a fan of directions or overly complicated steps, so given that, even I was OK with it except for maybe an initial eye-roll when I was first reading through. But yeah, look what we made! I’ll do this again for sure.


Instant Popsicles

We made an assortment of popsicles using coconut milk, strawberries and blueberries (both pureed and whole).  Since I’m on AIP detox right now, this means no added sweetener of any kind, not even honey or maple syrup, for me. For Miss L, I did add some sweetness to her coconut cream versions, but kept the integrity of the fruit. And for her, I also added  little organic vanilla extract to the cream, but not for me right now.

Come on? Whether you are Paleo, Vegan, do AIP, Whole 30, or eat whatever the hell you want – tell me these don’t look awesome!  🙂