A hack for cooking with wine

I stumbled upon a handy little trick for those who either don’t drink wine or don’t drink white wine. It was just one of those wonderful moments in the kitchen when you try something and say “let’s see what happens”. Don’t you just love those moments?!

So if you miss adding wine – or white wine- to your dishes – here’s a little hack for you: 2 parts apple cider vinegar to 1 part coconut aminos.

The coconut aminos mute the acidity in the ACV but leave that lovely fruity fermented flavor. Cook with it and you’ve got something very reminiscent of white wine.

Tonight I did a play on coq au vin with the coconut aminos/ACV plus some fresh thyme and rosemary.

I do drink red wine, but not white. And none at all during detox periods as I’m on now so this was a lovely boozy-tasting little chicken dish that was very much enjoyed on AIP Detox day 4.