A Week in Food

Happy Fiesta Friday! Last week I was checking in from Miami, FL and this week I’m back home in my DC ‘burb. We got back from our trip earlier this week (where we had decided to drive – about 1100 miles each way!). We had a great time, but needless to say, wanted to chill once we got home. We kept close to home, spent some time at the pool, and some time in the kitchen. This was a week of rest.

This week was also marked by some awesome finds and cool hacks that I stumbled upon. So I’ve brought a few things to the party and I hope you’ll give ’em a try.

First we’ve got dangmyeon noodles which are made from sweet potato starch and water. They are gluten, grain, and night-shade free. I did a chicken and veg sautee with those ramen-y tasting noodles. Yum!

Next, that’s a toston with guacamole.  Tostones (fried green plantains) are a great gluten, grain, and nigh-shade free alternative to chips, tortillas, or crackers.  Dip ’em, sandwhich ’em, or top ’em with guac! Delish!

Then we’ve got Miss L chillin’ on the deck. I was doing some gardening and she was having some water fun. She’s cooling down with some of the awesome 100% organic, non-processed, paleo, vegan, and AIP-friendly pospsicles we made. Refreshing!

Last in the collage, that was my playful take on coq au vin, where I discovered an awesome hack – mix ACV with coconut aminos and you’ve got something that closely resembles white wine. It was boozy-goodness without the booze!

Lastly, on the bottom there, that’s my AIP detox salad with chicken, berries, mesclun, avocado, and coconut. Trying to get in Dr. Wahls’ reccommended 9 cups of greens, colors, and sulphurs to ensure I am getting all necessary vitamins and minerals (without synthetic supplements like pills and powders!).