A Tumultuous Love Story: Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (gf, v, non-processed, whole foods)

An oldie but a goodie for Fiesta Friday.



Oh, Nutella, how I’ve missed you so. I was a junior in high school when I found you – a sophisticated and expensive Italian import found only in speciality markets. I was young. And you were truly seducing. Ah, you, me and New York. We were great together.

You also remind me of the summer of my just-turned-20s, strolling the streets of Paris, crepe in hand. You had found me again. Romance & magic. C’est la vie, indeed!

Then suddenly you were everywhere…and you were cheap and fast and easy. Maybe too much time stateside ruined you? Back in those early days straight from Italy, I wonder if you were different. Were you once more whole? I’m not sure. I was young and superficial; I didn’t look beneath the surface as carefully as I do now. With age has come wisdom. I now read labels.

So I now know…

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