Great Lakes gelatin

Well the Paleo & AIP blogging and social media world has certainly been abuzz about this product. I have debated for months. Respected authorities seem to recommend the product unanimously and yet there is not mention on the labeling about organic or grass-fed. I found this troubling and so have debated this for months and months.

As excited as I was about bone broth, making it as often as I need to just ain’t happening. I really hate my house smelling like food 24/7. It’s just too much and began to smell sickening to me. While I generally stay away from anything pre-packaged or pre-made, the ease of this was tempting. And I really would like the benefits of adding daily gelatin to my diet and see improvements in hair, skin and nails, as well as more profound cellular improvements to my health.

The FAQs on the website say grass-fed but don’t say 100% and make no mention of organic. They even say there’s no way to know for sure what every ranch is doing ultimately. Brutally honest and perhaps the case in all food farming and production but still leaves me feeling like a consumer wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on if if these claims (or more accurate, “innuendos”)proved false. If pesticide-laden, grain-fed (and gmo at that!) meat is bad, imagine the impact of the highly concentrated gelatin from bad bones. I shutter at the thought.

So I reluctantly ordered it this week after months. Nothing had changed. In fact, I would find myself every few months going back to the site to see of the labeling has miraculously changed to read what I needed to hear. It hadn’t. But again so many respected Paleo and AIP folks sign off on it. So I ordered.

I opened the box and scoured the label now in person, not through a computer screen. Not a single mention of these important criteria. Does say Kosher but I understand that is more about regulating processing than it is how animals were raised. It’s something, but it’s just not enough for me.

So on the counter it sat. Staring at me. Beckoning me to make fruit gummies and sauces. And even perhaps a quick daily shot. So I turned to the interwebs and asked what people thought in various Paleo and AIP forums. The responses ranged from, “if it’s good for x blogger, it’s good enough for me” to “they say it’s grass-fed on their site” to many saying they too had the bottle sitting on their counter and unsure whether or not to use it.

So I went right the source and emailed the company. I received a prompt next day reply. I wanted to share it with you and see what your thoughts are. I’ve asked a few follow up questions as well to which I’m waiting to hear back and will also share.

See the quote below as well as picture which was a document attached to my email.

The Great Lakes Gelatin reply:

“The cattle are raised in Brazil and Argentina; grass fed and finished free range on the ranches. There are no antibiotics used, no hormones, pesticides, or herbicides. Gelatin itself cannot be organic, the animals are raised organically.

Great Lakes Gelatin Co.
253 Commerce Dr.
Grayslake, IL 60030
847 223-8141”


Update: I feel good about these answers and will use the product. Here is the last exchange.

My questions:

Hi Marcee,

Thanks very much for your prompt reply. It’s great to hear the animals are raised organically and are grass-fed! I really would like to be able to use your product!!

Just a few points of clarification and questions:

1. Are the animals 100% grassfed. Is this what you mean by grass fed and finished? I want to be sure I am clearly understanding.

2. Why can’t gelatin be called organic?

3. How come the labeling on your packages makes no mention of grass-fed, organically raise and non-gmo?

4. Is your non-gmo statement attached saying these animals have not ingested any gmo substances of any kind? Have your animals absolutely not ingested any gmo products?

Great Lakes reply:

Yes the cattle are 100 % grass fed, yes that is what fed and finished means. Gelatin cannot be organic because of the process, which I have attached. The USDA will not deem it Organic. As for the labels, we are going to be making some changes but it is slow going. We order about 100,000 labels at a time so we have to finish them before we start over. They have not ingested any GMO’s.

Great Lakes Gelatin Co.
253 Commerce Dr.
Grayslake, IL 60030
847 223-8141

I would still love to hear from you all? Have you used this product before? Considered using it? Please share! 😊