Have your coffee & eat it, too! Egg-free and dairy-free Paleo, organic, no-bake coffee flan.

This dessert is egg and dairy free, refined-ingredients free, organic and no bake! It’s healthy yes, but also just plain yummy!


It’s been a while. I still owe recipes and still owe blog writing. Summer was crazy busy and now school is in session so…you likely know how that goes. Miss L is officially a kindergartener! There were tears (mostly mine) and we are still adjusting to the pretty awesome but major transition. Additionally, my consulting is in full swing, I’ve joined the PTA of our new school & I currently have another project in the works. More to come on that soon…

So there’s been a lot going on & I’ve been drinking coffee again. I had, after years of 3 triple venti lattes per day, gotten off coffee last year. I still think limiting caffeine is better for me (and once thoroughly detoxed I don’t even need it!) but for now I am having my organic espresso a few times a week. I do so love that rich, luxurious taste.

So I wanted to do something different and decided to try my hand at an eggless flan-inspired dessert. It is 100% eggs and dairy-free and paleo. It is totally organic, uses no refined products and it’s also NO-BAKE to boot.

I also have been trying to come up with different ways to take in daily grass-fed gelatin as a natural supplement. Grass-fed girl does a good job discussing why here as does Petra8Paleo here.

It’s flan “inspired” in that it’s not prepared the way a traditional flan is nor does it use the same ingredients, but nevertheless, the result and taste and texture is wonderfully flan-like! I was stoked for this one and hope you are too!

Coffee flan

What you need:

Brewed organic espresso
Coconut milk and cream
Maple syrup
Coconut sugar
Grass-fed gelatin
Vanilla extract

What you’ll do:

…is ridiculously easy.

Pour about 4 cups of the brewed espresso in your blender/Vitamix.

Stir in 8 tablespoon of gelatin, then blend a bit.

Add a can of coconut milk/cream and 3 tbsp vanilla, about 1/4 cup coconut sugar and 1/2 cup maple syrup and blend some more.

Pour into ramekins and let set in the fridge for a few hours.

Once set, heat 1 cup coconut sugar and a little coffee in a pan until it’s a liquid syrup. This won’t take more that a few moments.

Next, run a knife around the inside of the ramekins and flip upside down into your serving dishs to reveal your flan. Pour the hot coffee syrup over the top of it, ideally table-side for some presentation flair!