Chocolate mint coconut toffee brittle (vegan, paleo, aip, organic)

More candy making from DetoxMama. I acknowledge I have gone down a rabbit hole here; even organic unrefined sugar should still absolutely be had in moderation and so I think for me, a detox is in order! Or maybe an intervention! But if you’re gonna eat/give your kids candy or sweets on occasion, it can be done in a better way!

Here, I heat maple syrup, coconut oil and shredded coconut to 300 degrees, cool on parchment paper and then spread on an organic cacao topping (melted organic 100% cacao, organic coconut milk, organic mint extract, organic maple syrup).

So easy and delicious – and while one probably shouldn’t eat as much candy as I’ve been making lately, it just goes to show that once again, the junk you find in processed, packaged, conventional items are just totally unnecessary. And this is so easy and fast, anyone can do it!