Vegan & Paleo Nutella take 2

Yesterday, I decide to give my healthy nutella another shot. I was very pleased with it last time. I mean it was a version of nutella I didn’t have to feel guilty about! I guess back then I was still so in awe of my new discovery – that you can make you own food and treats – and do it healthier, quickly, and without food product and have it taste awesome! So back then everything was like a first date – new and exciting. Now that I’m over a year into this, I want to go back and further perfect some recipes. So my original discovery of a healthy nutella was mind-blowing but since the texture wasn’t as silky and the flavor was a bit different, I wanted to try again. This time I toasted the hazelnuts lightly to bring out their flavor. Last time I kept them raw trying to keep the nutritional integrity. This time, I also added a smidgen of olive oil and coconut oil to make it a bit smoother. The result was definitely smoother and silkier with a rich, deep cacao flavor complimented by that unique and undeniable hazelnuttiness.

Like what you see?
Then Do This:

100% cacao bar
Maple syrup
EVOO and/or Coconut oil
Pure vanilla extract
Unrefined salt like Celtic or Pink Himalayan
Almond milk

So this time I toasted the hazelnuts (about 2 cups) in a preheated 350 degree oven.

Blended those up with about 1/4 cup EVOO, just a tablespoon of coconut oil (for it’s great nutrient proprieties but I’m really tired of everything tasting like coconut oil – feel free to go all in if you love it!) then added in almond milk little by little to help the blend this into a smooth nut butter. (Vitamix or other high powered blender works best).

Next, I melted half a 100% cacao bar with about 1/4 cup almond milk, pinch of Himalayan sea salt, splash of pure vanilla extract, and 1/2 cup maple syrup (add as little or as much as you like per your desired level of sweetness). I then addded this ganache into the nut butter and blended all in my Vitamix for a good few minutes to get it as smooth as possible. In this process, I streamed in a splash more EVOO and almond milk as I monitored the consistency.

It was warm and yummy on the spot and also fabulous today after a night in the fridge.




Then…a breakfast of champions. (Not really, but a yummy spoonful ain’t a bad way to start the day!)