A quickie post & quick peak

…into my day.

I don’t have much to say right now but wanted to try to get back into the routine of posting often.

So here’s some of what I ate today.

Poached eggs over mesclun with olive oil, lemon, and pink himalayan sea salt.


A pre-workout power smoothie with a little extra oomph: spinach, banana, almond butter, almond milk, and…organic coffee. (At my most optimal, I need no coffee and think it’s too tough on adrenals).


And lastly, I’ve got a new batch of bone broth simmering away. It’s been going for about 18 hours. I’ll probably let it go until tomorrow night and we will have it with dinner. It will also be the base for the most kick-a$$ paleo gravy I’ll bring to Thanksgiving.


I also bought refills of a few pampering products I’m excited about.

Epsom salt because it’s the quickest (& loveliest!) way to get a quick boost of magnesium.

My new favorite brand of soaps by Nubian Heritage, fellow New Yorkers. This has been the cleanest brand of bar soap I’ve found. No animal testing, fair trade, and no synthetics. I also love Dr. Bronner’s.

Organic tamanu oil for my face. I had been using organic argon oil which ran out and they didn’t have any when I went to replace it so I decided to try this. Honestly, I have found that as long as I keep my skin moisturized (& I only use organic essential oils now, not synthetic products – good bye Bloomie’s cosmetic counter!), it doesn’t seem to matter what I use. I wake up and fine lines are smoother.

Lastly, I got a scrub brush. I am going to start going dry brushing to keep the lymph flowing. I’m also going to go back to doing some of the awesome lymphatic self-massage techniques. I posted a video some months back.

UPDATE: Tamanu oil is smelly. Really smelly. I couldn’t take it. I don’t think I like what it was doing to my skin either. Plus, I realize I do see a difference and find the argon oil is better. Decision made. Organic argon oil is now officially my ingredient of choice.


Well, that’s what’s up with me! What about you?

Happy Friday!