Sunday dinner

I took advantage of the break in cold to use the grill yesterday. I had a huge organic grassfed chuck streak I splurged on. Chuck is a cheaper cut, yes, but when you are buying organic and grassfed, beef is incredibly expensive so something like sirloin is out of the question. I buy steak very rarely.

So I pounded it out quite a bit to try to break up the fibers and reduce toughness. Seasoned liberally with salt, garlic powder and pepper and on to a hot grill it went for about 8 min on each side for medium.


I served this with arroz verde for my husband (no grains for me). I also made some tostones though used my new favorite quickly version of slicing them thin and throwing them on the grill! Oh so easy! Then made some chimichurri and served with my coconut cranberry sauce.

Dinner is served. And my mouth is watering writing about it the day after. That good. The east coast is experiencing a crazy mild day today. Go hit the grill while you can & make this amazing meal.