Bone Mousse

Okay, did I grab your attention? You might think this sounds crazy, but I’ve really gotten into using every part of a food. Date and avocado seeds and pineapple tops are turned into plants. The bones from chicken dinners are frozen and stored for bone broth. And then one day, as I strained out the broth from the bone mash I thought to myself, what about this stuff? Can’t this mash be used? Bones are chock full of good stuff that makes bone broth so amazing for you. Mark’s Daily Apple has some good info here. The purpose of the broth is to leach all that goodness out of the bones – but I bet there’s still some good stuff there.

So I took out my handy Vitamix and whipped away until those soft bones became a creamy whipped mouse. Let us marvel for a moment at this light, decadent airy texture — from chicken bones!

bone mousse video on instagram

Here are some of the things I do with it:

* This is homemade organic food for my cat. And she loves it! If I had a doggie, I bet he’d love it too. (An important note: since I started doing this, I stopped including onions in the broth since they are toxic to cats & dogs).

* I use it to thicken sauces and stews and gravies.

* If I were a fan of liver mousse (which I’m not), I bet I could season this up and enjoy it. I don’t. But you might.

* I also use it to make “dirty rice” for the hubby. For me, I use cauliflower rice.

So just a few ideas. I haven’t seen anyone on the interwebz doing this, and it might seem a little weird but give it a try. It thickens those sauces beautifully, adds a rich deep flavor and tons of depth to your dishes, and most importantly to me, it means that I have used every single part of the chicken – which a) helps me stretch out more meals and save money and b) respect the animals that feed me. IMG_1446.JPG