A sick day and a sweet treat – Avocado Mousse

So today Miss L is home sick from school. Of course today. I had three important meetings today so of course today. That may sound a little selfish. Of course I’m concerned for my little chickadee and don’t want her feeling poorly, but as any parent can I’m sure relate, kids always seem to get sick at the worst possible times. Ugh! Nonrefundable Priceline hotels and airline change fees? No match for me and my persistence when we’ve had to cancel travel when Miss L has gotten sick at other inopportune times! Since we’ve changed our nutritional lifestyle, those days are far fewer – but starting kindergarten threw us a bit; I must admit she’s gotten sick more than usual this year.

So today the meetings have been canceled and we are having a lazy day at home. First things first. She’s got some tummy trouble and a bit of a fever so of course I’ve loaded her up on ginger and berries for the needed boost of antibacterials, antioxidants, vitamin c, and tummy soothing properties. I also do children’s acetaminophen to bring the fever down.

She started feeling much better and wanted to get out of bed. We came downstairs and cuddled on the couch watching cooking shows – our favorite thing! We watch shows on the Food Network & Cooking Channel and talk about how we might change the recipes a bit to make them dairy-free, grain-free, etc. And ooh, I’ve got some good stuff up my sleeve after watching Nigella Lawson, Pioneer Woman, and Master Chef Canada! Yummy recipe renovations coming soon! But I digress…

So after watching, Miss L decided she wanted to make a treat. Of her own choosing. And on her own. And, if that weren’t enough, she wanted it to be a cooking show. So that’s what we did this morning. I’ve got snippets of video to edit that I may or may not post here but in the meantime, I wanted to share her dish.

So I make a mean chocolate avocado mousse but Miss L decided she wanted to make just avocado, not chocolate. She loves avocado and didn’t want to mask the flavor. Plus she thinks the pale green color is fun!

Miss L’s Easy Peasy Green & Creamy Avocado Mousse
This recipe is 1 serving; basically think 1 avocado per person.

-1 avocado,
-local raw honey or maple syrup to your desired sweetness (1-2 tbsp)
-a splash of almond milk or coconut milk (if you use coconut milk, it will be for a coconut/avocado mousse which is also very yum!)
-1/4 tsp vanilla extract
-1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional)
-shredded coconut (unsweetened, unsulfured)

Zip it all up in your blender until light and whippy.Serve in a glass & top with shredded coconut.


That’s it. Now here are some pics of Miss Ls dish she did all by herself. And her dad got to enjoy some before he went to work! :).