Not peanut butter, not noodle cold sesame peanut butter noodles (Paleo, Whole30, AIP*)

It was my birthday last week and the gifts keep rolling in. Some girls might want jewelry or clothes, (not that I don’t like jewelry and clothes!) but I get pretty excited when kitchen gadgets are dropped off at my door. First it was my Vitamix 2 years ago, then came my Instant Pot this past Christmas, and now I finally got the spiralizer I’ve been wanting! I wasted no time getting to work, searched in my fridge for something to noodlefy, found a cucumber and made this scrumptious dish!

As my long time readers know, I try to reinvent recipes to fit my nutritional parameters. Typical cold sesame noodles have grains, gluten, sugar, soy, and legumes – all items I don’t eat and none of which are in this equally delicious recipe I whipped up today.

I’m calling this Not peanut butter, not noodle peanut butter noodles -aka Almond Butter Cuoodles (pronounced Q-oodles)

-1 cucumber turned into noodles using the thick noodle setting on your spiralizer
-1 carrot turned into noodles using the thin noodle setting on your spiralizer
-About 1/2 cup creamy almond butter
-A splash of sesame oil (perhaps about a teaspoon)
-1/4 cup coconut aminos
-A splash of no sugar added fish sauce (perhaps about a teaspoon)
-Some garlic powder or grated fresh garlic
-Grate in some fresh ginger
-About 1/4 cup water or enough to thin out the sauce. It should be thin enough to pour but not watery.

As I threw this together, I really eyeballed it and you all know I never measure so I’m conservatively guessing the measurements. Start with the above and adjust to your preference.

Wisk all ingredients together and toss with the cucumber and carrot noodles. Serve as a side dish or enjoy alone as a yummy lunch. Grab some chopsticks and enjoy!

*AIP friendly if you’ve determined you can do nuts and seeds