A return to mayo. Yay! (paleo, organic)

I’m not going to post the details bc I haven’t perfected it just yet, but today I made organic olive oil mayo. Really, you can google and there’s a ton of recipes but an overview:  for this trial, I blended one egg, the juice of one small lemon, and a 1 cup of EVOO until fully emulsified. I seasoned with salt, garlic and fresh oregano.

It’s very easy once you realize you just need a lot of patience – which is not exactly my forté. The first time, I did not blend long enough and gave up. This time, I let that sucker emulsify for a good several minutes and I got an aioli/mayo type blend.

I was starving, and this was post intense workout so I quickly threw together a yummy tuna salad with the mayo, onions, raisins, and some Granny Smith apples; served over mesclun. So simple. So good. So overdue. 

Yay for small victories. 😊