A question and a return.  It’s 2017. 

Well, it’s been a while for DetoxMama. What’s overdue is a catch-up post but for now I just have a question. 

Okay, first maybe a catch up. 

I’m still here. Kicking. Not quite as zen as the place I got myself to at last entry.  Life. It’s fluid. Ups and downs. And we grow. 

I had gotten myself to a pretty amazing place on my wellness journey during the period of this blog. And it was a full-time job. If you read chronologically, you literally walk with me as I learned. Many of my readers were right there with me at that time. We were all learning together. 

In the last year 2 or so years,  I went back to corporate work full-time and my toddler side-kick is now a busy school-aged kiddo. Life has gotten busy. Very, very busy. Again. 

The period of my life as documented in this blog is my happy place. It was a brief respite. What an incredible time it was focusing on my health and wellness, cooking with my mini helper. Teaching her and myself and my family about health and wellness. 

But as with most moments in life, they are just that – moments. And life goes on and changes; evolves. And we evolve, too. 

I took with me to this next stage in life the tools I had learned and try as I might, I didn’t fully succeed. Slowly I slipped back into late night takeout after a long day of work, succumbing at corporate functions where I had few workable options. And coffee.  Yes, the coffe came back with a vengeance. Even some sugar, too. 

Some things stayed though. My morning smoothie. Being gluten-free, organic and non-gmo. Though eating out more certainly meant ingesting non-organic and gmo foods as well as non-ideal food prep (read: vegetable and soybean oil, for example).   No synthetics on my skin. Never, ever fast-food. 

I tried and failed several times though to get back on a 100% clean 30 day detox to reset. 

So I guess just like when this blog started, you’ll be with me as I learn. Learn to maintain and regain a fully healthy lifestyle within the demands of a busy life and within a culture that really is the polar opposite of that. 

Today is day 2 of my attempt to reset with a detox. Though, I’m not into the dogma of what paleo should be or what AIP should be. It’s about listening to my body for what works and doesn’t. It’s an exploration. And as such, I may ask you for answers. 

And with that, my question today.

Last night I came in from work. Hubs and Miss L had off for MLK.  They had gone to Costco & were really excited about an organic red lentil pasta they had found. I already had a baked almond-crusted chicken with red sauce in mind for dinner so the pasta concept jived well. I’ve been on the fence about legumes lately. I stayed away for a long time from them as part of my paleo direction.But I’m leaning that for me, in moderation, they may be ok (not chickpeas, sad story 😢). I particularly like what Chris Kresser has to say about this.  

So hubs had bought Tolerant Red Lentil pasta. Good taste and texture. It’s def a win for pasta lovers. But, I wonder -the amount of lentils that must go in to making that flour, that could really up the levels of anti-nutrients like phytates and lectin. Plus, I doubt the Tolerant folks soak those beans before grinding. I have an email out to them on this. For this reason, I’m thinking maybe it’s a no go. Today, there was no inflammation as demonstrated by any superficial weight gain, but I did wake up with a killer sinus headache and some nausea. Maybe coincidence. Maybe not.  

Reader Response: What’s your take on legume and legume -based pasta and flours?  I’d love to hear from you. 

*Cover image from https://www.happynewyears2017.org