First time food prep

I’m not a planner. I’m all about doing things organically. (Ha. Pun.)

I typically think up a meal when it’s time to make it. Depends what I’m inspired by, what I’m hungry for, what I’ve got in the house. And cooking is art and expression and sometimes therapy. 

But weeknights are hectic these days. There are so few hours between the time I walk in the door and have to get everyone to bed. It’s a mad rush every night. 

So this weekend I decided to try cooking the whole week’s meals ahead. It took me 6 hours from start to clean-up. With help from Miss L and the hubs. 6 hours??! Yikes. Would I really do this every Sunday??

I tried to multipurpose several ingredients and cook them chronologically for the most efficient use of my time. For now, I’ll list out what I did. Eventually, I will write up, post and link the recipes. 

Sunday Weekly Meal Prep 

1) Whole Foods had a sale on kale this weekend so I had 3 huge bunches.  Sautéed them with carmelized onions, garlic and evoo. I used this three ways. 

2) Quick instant potted a whole chicken.  Shredded meat, froze bones to make bone broth at later date.

3) Kale & Carmelized onions side-dish. Packed some of the kale as a stand-alone side dish. Stored in Tupperware to eat this week. 

4) Kale, Potato, Garlic Soup. Blended some of the sautéed kale with potatoes and the stock from the whole chicken for a kale potato garlic soup.  Glass mason jar to eat this week tho I think I could make more and freeze as well. 

5) Chicken Salad:  Shredded the whole chicken that I pressure cooked in my Instant Pot , mixed with remaining sauteed kale, remaining cooked potatoes and added in dried berries, parsley, red vinegar, a touch of olive oil mayo, salt and pepper. Tupperware for lunches this week. Packed this for lunch at work today with romaine lettuce leaves. Yum!

6) “Teriyaki” Baked Chicken -The paleo, AIP remake of my grandma’s teriyaki chicken.  This time I added some sesame oil & fresh ginger as I’m kind of obsessed with those flavors.  Stored in baking dish to oven reheat for Monday dinner right in dish. Next time I think I will undercook the chicken a bit before storing. Tonight it was a little dry. 

7) Sous vide pork chops with rosemary and herbs du provence. This was the hubs endeavor as he was excited to try the new sous vide gadget he got me for Christmas.  (I’m a simple girl. It was a lot of steps. I think we’ll reserve that process for him. I officially annointed it his technique!)   Ate for Sunday dinner. It was delicious!

8) Paleo Chili – ground beef, pork, potatoes, tomato sauce, salsa, some of the kale soup to thicken.  Froze in ziplocks for future dinner. 

6 hours later! All packed and ready for the week.  

Reader Response

What are you weekly meal prep strategies?