Healthy-ish Chocolate Syrup. Say what?!

Get ready. I’m about to drop a ❤️💣on you.  Yes, that’s “love bomb”. 

With Valentine’s Day in the air, I wanted to wait for a Friday to make my return to Angie’s Fiesta Friday. Apparently, I’m a little off my game since returning from my nearly 2 year blogging hiatus. I forgot the rules and missed the cut off time yesterday – but I couldn’t wait another week to share this with you all. 

So…Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. Yup, that big brown bottle we squeezed into milk or on ice cream – or right into our mouths when our parents weren’t looking…. Good stuff.  

Sweet, tasty, nostalgic. 
But the adult in me says, I don’t think so. Terrible for you. Full of garbage ingredients that deliver no nutrients and  loaded with additives.  Sorry, kid “me”. Ain’t gonna happen. And sorry mini-me (Miss L). Ain’t gonna happen. 

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup ingredients via Hershey’s website

So enter my amazingly easy concoction that gets you – I kid you not – the EXACT taste of that sweet nostalgia without all the junk. Yup. I’ve renovated Nutella before – twice– and while good, and I am happy and content to be able to sometimes enjoy that nutty, chocolately goodness –   it’s not the exact same taste a Nutella. But this stuff tastes idenical Hershey’s Syrup. And it’s oh so simple. Are you ready?

Disclaimer – this is not AIP and this version isn’t Paleo due to the use of cane sugar in the canned ingredient I used, but you can easily tweak this by making your own condensed milk which I plan to do next. But it is Vegan, it is a more whole food recipe with lower sugar and minimal ingredients. Again, the wild card is the canned condensed milk I used but I will do this again making it from scratch. By subbing in honey or maple syrup, this will be a Paleo treat to be enjoyed occasionally. 

Organic, Vegan Choc Syrup

-1 can of Organic Condensced Coconut Milk (coconut milk, cane sugar)

-3/4 of a cocao baking bar 

-1 tsp organic vanilla extract 

-1 pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt

Melt the bar in a glass container in the microwave in 15 second increments until melted. 

Add condensed coconut milk, vanilla and salt and wisk until glossy. 

That’s it! Seriously. 

This also hardens nicely to make a great chocolate coating for fruit or whatever your dipping/drizzingly pleasure. 

Miss L drizzled some on chopped bananas as a desert for her and her Dad. 🙂