About DetoxMama

Welcome to my blog! I’m your friendly DetoxMama, 30-what’sthatnow? years old, I’m proud mama of 5 year old Miss L and wife to a hardworking hubby. I’m a work-&-home mom who does freelance writing, editing, and educational consulting, some cleaning and home management, throw in some mothering, and lots and lots of cooking!

In April 2013, I transformed my life by trying an elimination detox. I learned how powerful the connection between food and mind/body-wellness (or illness) is! Prior to this, I was truly clueless. It’s not how we’re raised in western society, it is not something celebrated in western medicine (9 hours of nutrition courses in med school??!). So after this profound realization, I wasn’t ready to call it quits after day 30; I felt too good to stop! Nor were the parameters of the detox enough; I wanted to keep exploring these mind-body-nutrition connections. Through months of  trial and error, I figured out what foods made me sick and what energized me; I now eat grain-free, dairy-free, non-processed, whole foods, pretty much Paleo and more specifically, often a focused kind of Paleo called AIP, autoimmune paleo/protocol. Chronic but “normal” issues like sinus congestion, migraines, and moodiness that I always thought weret par for the course in my shoes disappeared when I changed my eating.  I have also, in the last year, lost 35 pounds of hard to lose “baby weight” that wouldn’t budge thanks to a postpartum autoimmune thyroid disorder that is now under control (without medication!). The biggest lessoned I’ve learned really and truly: food is medicine. And this has changed my life. No more Motrin for chronic migraines or steroid inhaler for cough, no Afrin for sinus congestion. And no more “diets” or calorie-counting for weight-loss. Just good food.

This blog consists mostly of recipes that follow my evolving nutritional parameters as I continue to try to keep it interesting and fun for me and my family. I mean, if we’re going to eat this way forever, comfort foods, cookies & cake can’t be out of the question. It’s just not realistic! Of course there are your requisite salads and grilled fish – but there is also candy and birthday cake! I reinvent old school favorites, invent stuff on the fly based on whatever I’ve got in the fridge, and sometimes try my hand at the recipes of fellow revolutionist foodies! 

My recipes are not just about being healthy, but also about keeping it simple. Just like abstaining from sweets or comfort foods isn’t possible for longevity in this process, having to cook complicated recipes on a daily basis ain’t gonna fly either. Real life is busy, hard, messy and sometimes rushed. And here’s a secret: when you use good, whole-food ingredients, ornate & complex recipes are just not necessary. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

P.S. What I’m talking about here is not dieting! I’m talking about a health revolution. I’m talking about a total overhaul of everything you ever thought you knew about health, wellness, and illness  (says this reformed processed-food-eating, pill-popping, type-A, workaholic, urban cynic). And in case you are here because you wanna lose a few pounds (don’t we all?!), let me tell you this – eat for true health and the rest will follow.