Is depression a kind of allergic reaction?

A growing number of scientists are suggesting that depression is a result of inflammation caused by the body’s immune system. – The Guardian, Feb. 2015 The Guardian – Is Depression a kind of… Continue reading

A sick day and a sweet treat – Avocado Mousse

So today Miss L is home sick from school. Of course today. I had three important meetings today so of course today. That may sound a little selfish. Of course I’m concerned for… Continue reading

Passionfruit tart

It’s become a birthday tradition to get this amazing passionfruit tart for the hub’s bday from a favorite bakery in our NYC hood. Since we don’t live there anymore, and don’t eat like… Continue reading

Chocolate coconut cream pie

Okay, I’m excited. This is good stuff. I will need to sit down and try to write out this recipe bc this was truly a “let’s throw some stuff in the mixer &… Continue reading

Holiday Green Smoothie

Going for something festive today. This is a spinach, mango, cranberry, parsley, almond milk smoothie. Enjoy!

Chicken & Bone Broth: Three Ways

I’m a big fan of bone broth. Once I’ve got it ready to go, I’ll sip it in a mug alone. Reminds me of the broth my grandmother would make me as a… Continue reading


Pumpkin chocolate swirl pie! (Paleo, grain-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, organic)

Originally posted on DetoxMama:
Success! My ‪#‎PaleoThanksgiving‬ prep begins. So psyched about this one. Really good and the texture is spot on. This is a 100% organic, dairy-free, grain-free (so gluten-free), nonrefined pumpkin…

Almond Brittle with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (Paleo, Vegan, AIP, Organic)

Originally posted on DetoxMama:
So the last couple weeks of summer has marked some kitchen experimentation. Some recipes have worked and some haven’t. I’m overdue for writing those up… This time I was…

Bone Mousse

Okay, did I grab your attention? You might think this sounds crazy, but I’ve really gotten into using every part of a food. Date and avocado seeds and pineapple tops are turned into… Continue reading

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