Taking it to Facebook and Instagram

In honor of being centered, focusing on health & wellness and this blog, DetoxMama is expanding. Like me on Facebook: DetoxMama Follow me on Instagram: @DetoxMama And I’ve been on Twitter for a… Continue reading

Sunday dinner

I took advantage of the break in cold to use the grill yesterday. I had a huge organic grassfed chuck streak I splurged on. Chuck is a cheaper cut, yes, but when you… Continue reading

Coconut cranberry sauce (paleo, vegan, unrefined)

Thanksgiving is on the way and the cranberries are out. Yay! Organic cranberries are here! Nothing says fall to me like some tangy & sweet whole berry cranberry sauce. No cranberry sauce in… Continue reading

A quickie post & quick peak

…into my day. I don’t have much to say right now but wanted to try to get back into the routine of posting often. So here’s some of what I ate today. Poached… Continue reading

Getting my zen back

Well, it’s been a really long time since I blogged regularly. That many-months-long gap is a reflection of well…life. I realize what blogging does for me… Why is today my attempt to get… Continue reading

Pumpkin chocolate swirl pie! (Paleo, grain-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, organic)

Success! My ‪#‎PaleoThanksgiving‬ prep begins. So psyched about this one. Really good and the texture is spot on. This is a 100% organic, dairy-free, grain-free (so gluten-free), nonrefined pumpkin chocolate swirl pie with… Continue reading

Vegan & Paleo Nutella take 2

Yesterday, I decide to give my healthy nutella another shot. I was very pleased with it last time. I mean it was a version of nutella I didn’t have to feel guilty about!… Continue reading

Grass-fed “jello” stackers (paleo)

Make your kids a fun and healthy treat! Use grass-fed gelatin, maple syrup and blended fruit to make these fun jello stackers.

Fudgey organic paleo brownies (paleo, vegan adaptable)

These brownies are rich, moist, fudgey and fantastic. Super fudgey grain-free organic brownies (paleo) 1 cup organic raw cacao powder 1 cup organic coconut sugar 1/2 cup organic maple syrup 1/2 cup pulsed… Continue reading

Organic mocha frap (paleo, vegan)

Organic cacao, organic coconut milk, organic espresso, organic maple syrup and ice. Blend and enjoy!

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